“Randall has unique analytical abilities. He is well read and articulate about his position on issues. He is able to quickly and efficiently solve problems and make decisions.”

  • Sam Beltran, Director of Academics, San Francisco University High School Summerbridge, San Francisco, CA


“Randall is an engaging, energetic individual with a keen mind and obvious love and respect for diverse cultures.”

  • Ann Mayo, Manager of Security and Guest Services, Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, MA


“Randall has an amazing memory for detail and a keen analytical sense of current events as they relate to the historical context…he would make a great professor. He is one of the most informed people I know and is an engaging conversationalist.”

  • Adam Bailey, Modern and Classical Languages Department Chair and Teacher of Spanish, Concord Academy, Concord, MA


“Randall is logical and clear thinking. His straightforward presentation and excellent knowledge of... issues makes him a pleasure to work with. He is particularly knowledgeable in regards to international affairs.”

  • Umezu Shin, Team Leader, Department of Political Affairs, United Nations, New York, NY


“Randall has a photographic memory and a unique ability to analyze complex situations and explain them in an understandable manner. He has a high level of attention to detail and, after taking on a project, is committed to seeing it through.”

  • Andrea M. Bertone, Ph.D., Director, Gender Department, FHI 360, Washington DC